Vireo office moves to downtown Saskatoon

At the beginning of August, the Vireo Productions office moved to downtown Saskatoon. We’re now working out of the D3 co-working space in the historic Drinkle Building on 3rd Avenue and 22nd Street. Working downtown has been an inspirational change for the business. We’re closer to many of our clients than ever before, we can … Continued

5 reads to make you wealthy

Financial literacy may sound like a boring topic, but who doesn’t want to be wealthy? And when you think about it, why don’t we learn more about finances in elementary and secondary school? If you’re like me and hundreds of thousands more who were taught nothing about money in school and had to figure it … Continued

Website security strategies

We take every measure we can to ensure your website won’t be hacked, but there’s only so much we can do — many website breaches happen through poor management on the user’s end, such as having spyware on your computer, or a weak password. WordPress has a great article called “Hardening WordPress” that lists the … Continued

12 business negotiation tips

Negotiating is one of those business skills that causes so much stress for some people, they avoid it at all costs. But it doesn’t have to be difficult! These are some basic tactics you can apply the next time you’re in a position to negotiate a price. The tips are adapted from the great Copyblogger … Continued

Ashleigh’s favourite books from 2016

Vireo owner-operator Ashleigh Mattern read 52 books last year; here are her favourites. She also reviewed on Goodreads all of the books she read. If you love books and reading, connect with Ashleigh. Gulp by Mary Roach This is a non-fiction science book also reads like a memoir of Roach’s often hilarious adventures in writing … Continued

8 questions to ask when building a new website

A new website has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is usually with a pen and a piece of paper in the brainstorming stage. The first time we meet with clients, we need to figure out what they want, and we do that by asking a series of basic questions. Whether you’re a web developer, … Continued

WordPress security: Is it safe?

At Vireo Productions, we specialize in WordPress, an open-source publishing software and content management system (CMS). It’s what we use to build our websites, and if you’re one of our clients, it’s what you’ll use to update the content on your website. But some of our clients have concerns about WordPress: They’ve heard it gets hacked … Continued

Template vs. custom website

Vireo offers two options when building websites: From a template, or a custom website. When we build a custom site, essentially we are building a template that you get the exclusive right to use. When we make a website from a template, we’re editing someone else’s work. While editing another developer’s template does save some … Continued

Common website problems

Most of Vireo Productions’ clients already have a website but they want a new one because they’re not happy with their current site. The common website problems we see tend to fall into a few categories: Unresponsive to different screen sizes Unclear target audience Unorganized content layout Poor readability and legibility Long load times How to … Continued

Website essentials

Taking those first steps to getting a new website can be intimidating. There is so much information out there, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve answered some of the most basic questions business owners ask when they’re starting the process of getting a website. Why is having a website important? When was the … Continued