A word of caution to people who find swearing offensive: You might not want to read the following blog post!

Vireo owner and designer-developer Jordan Mears came across this amazingly bare-bones website awhile ago: motherfuckingwebsite.com.

Even if you don’t understand all of the technical points woven in with the potty-mouthed humour, it still makes some really great points about web design; namely, that all the problems we have with websites are ones we create ourselves.

To paraphrase The Motherfucking Website, all websites need to:

  • Be lightweight and load fast
  • Fit on all your screens
  • Look the same in all your browsers
  • Be accessible to everyone who visits your site
  • Be legible, and get your point across

We visit The Motherfucking Website often for a laugh, but also to remind ourselves about the importance of simplicity.

This website is extremely responsive; it will work on any device or browser, past, present, or future. The Motherfucking Website says it best: “This site doesn't care if you're on an iMac or a motherfucking Tamagotchi.”

From a design perspective, The Motherfucking Website is over-the-top bare, but from a content perspective, other than the foul language, it’s nearly perfect. Note the use of short snippets of text, paired with easily legible subheads, and how it varies the page with a list, a quote, and a line break at the end.

Also, the rhythm of the rant -- and probably the swearing, too -- reminds me of two of my favourite movie monologues: Samuel L. Jackson’s "Ezekiel 25:17" speech in Pulp Fiction, and Ewan Mcgregor’s “Choose life” speech in Trainspotting. (Side note: Can you believe these movies are 20 years old?) Enjoy!