At the beginning of August 2017, the Vireo Productions office moved to downtown Saskatoon. We’re now working out of the D3 co-working space in the historic Drinkle Building on 3rd Avenue and 22nd Street. Working downtown has been an inspirational change for the business.

We’re closer to many of our clients than ever before, we can walk to meetings in a matter of minutes, and we love the energy in the heart of the city. More than a change in business address, it’s been a change in perspective.

It’s invigorating to be located so close to the action and activity of the city. Walking down the street, we run into business contacts, sparking conversations and interactions that wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t located here. Opportunities have arisen naturally that otherwise wouldn’t have. As web developers and marketers who serve other businesses, downtown feels like a synergistic place for our business to be.

As part of this business move, Vireo co-owners Ashleigh Mattern and Jordan Mears also became residents of the Drinkle Building, taking up residence in one of the building’s newly renovated suites. Read about the suite in Saskatoon HOME Magazine, in the issue where it was featured on the front page. With exposed brick, 12-foot ceilings, granite countertops, and original hardwood, the new living space has been personally inspirational as well. Commuting by elevator is also a perk!

We’ve only been living and working in downtown Saskatoon for two months at the time of writing this article, but we see our business having a long and prosperous future in this energized environment.